Our Tools

We use a select library of tools depending on the function or business goals being targeted. You already have a wealth of knowledge and data; our consultancy process utilises these tools to demystify business performance improvement and replace guesswork with analytics to help make and monitor decisions. Integrated into our Consultancy Services these tools provide us, and you, with a fully implementable path to transforming performance.

CVT Excellence Platform

The Excellence Platform is one of our most powerful tools. It incorporates a vast library of business modules, from which we select and deploy aspects of within a number of our Services including Strategy Assessments, Channel Forums, Services Growth Forums and Programme Management.

We use The Excellence Platform to identify contractions in practice, weaknesses that threaten your business goals and capability assessments and ultimately to identify a fully implementable path for your objectives. It helps to highlight contractions, confirm agreement and presents the information graphically so we can build consensus. The platform can also be deployed to guide performance transformations by tracking and deploying remedial actions and controls.

Viadeis Value Selling Platform

When working with customers to transform their business we deploy modules from the Coservit platform. Tools can be used to detect IT business opportunities in the customer base or new prospects or to increase the profitability of your IT service contracts.

Demuto have worked with Coservit to develop a specialised Channel Planning Platform. This automates the Review – Plan – Manage process that is an essential component of all productive channels

Transforming the performance of your channel

We deploy the Growth Engineering’s LMS as a point solution to manage skills development either in a single organisation or deployed across many organisations. The platform focuses on building learning engagement and creating a culture of collaboration across the entire team.

Content can be delivered straight from the extensive, existing library or developed by Demuto and Growth Engineering to suit your requirements