Strategy Assessment

you leap !

All strategies need to be reviewed occasionally, some will simply need fine-tuning, and others may need a more substantial overhaul. The UK and Western European markets have seen significant impact due to the emergence of new players such as the Telcos, ISV’s and MSP’s. Now more than ever it is crucial to understand where to prioritise investment and resource, and who to partner with.

Using our Channel Intelligence Platform alongside our market experience Demuto help you to clarify your goals, assess your current strategy and identify opportunities to build better partnerships, change direction or improve productivity

“If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it could be a really ugly swan”
( Timmothy Radman
- Author )

Demuto works together in partnership with specialist organisations to deliver our Channel Development Solutions and ensure that you receive Best in Class support. Read more about our partner selection programme here.

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You can't manage
what you can't
measure .

Findings are presented to you as a series of recommendations and comparisons to best practice. This format can be used to ensure you pinpoint exactly what is, and isn't working as effectively as it should be. If the need for significant transformation is identified, we may recommend a Strategy Workshop as part of the process of achieving consensus regarding the goals and level of importance for each area of strategy. This then allows us to recommend initiatives to achieve the agreed objectives and put in place an execution and governance plan to ensure we jointly deliver the desired outcomes.

Strategy Assessments will help you deliver ambitious new business plans with absolute clarity and confidence on what your key success factors are