Joint Planning

When you are already working in close partnership with one, or a number of key partners, developing a strategy in isolation of those partners is not going to deliver the best results - either for you or for them. By understanding each other’s strategic direction, objectives & challenges you can find significant new ways of harnessing each other’s strengths and collaborating effectively. Our Joint Business Planning Service delivers a mutually agreed single strategic growth plan.

Central to developing a Joint Business Plan is our workshop. By sharing strategies and understanding direction at executive level, you can strengthening the relationship between senior management and agree the most effective way to jointly fund growth. This increased visibility and joint ownership drives better results for all parties. Demuto facilitate the workshop itself but equally important is that we also remain engaged to provide ongoing support and governance to ensure agreed outcomes are achieved

One off or regular workshops have been proven to:

  • Improve executive relationships with key partners
  • Improve design and execution of channel initiatives whilst reducing failures
  • Identify serious issues before they lead to conflict or loss of business
  • Improve channel sales execution and performance
  • Improve end user consistency and satisfaction with their brand
  • ‘Test’ partner reactions in a safe environment
  • Gain insight from the frontline sales force
  • Build a channel community and improve cooperation amongst partners

Developing a strategy is only the first stage however channel transformation projects usually take place whilst trying to maintain current levels of business. Pressure at every layer of the organisation increases and issues often arise. Despite knowing the huge impact it can have for them and their business, for many of our customers there is no time in the day for transformational programmes.

Demuto’s pragmatic approach to strategic input recognises this and our Channel Development Services are designed to plug the gap between the strategic and the tactical, providing governance and educations programmes, even recruiting new talent

Demuto has built a strong relationships with delivery partners by landing objectives and returning tangible results. Read a selection of testimonials and what our partners have to say.

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