Focus Areas

At Demuto we are focused on transforming performance in the channel. Our aim is to help you create world class partnerships by reforming how you engage, and interact with the channel.

Each and every customer has their individual structures and challenges to work within. However there are generally some key underlying issues that are driving the need for transformation.

In our experience the key ones are:

  • The changing face of the supply chain
  • Getting existing or new partners to adopt a wider solution portfolio
  • The need for sales growth
  • Improving efficiency

» Channel Extension

With new partners constantly emerging in the market, taking existing product ranges to new partners is a key requirement for most IT vendors. The changing nature of the channel means fresh approach is required.

Demuto combine our Channel Intelligence Platform with many years of experience to help clients to make the right choices

» Channel Creation

Taking new products to new partners has always been one of the most difficult tasks of a Channel Director. With the changing nature of the supply chain this is now even more challenging! Analysing multiple data sources to identify tomorrow’s partners and then articulating a well-crafted value proposition multiplies the likelihood of success

» Channel Enablement

To facilitate sales of new solutions from existing partners, Vendors need to create specific Enablement programmes. These programmes vary enormously and include elements from strategic, development and execution Services. Demuto can help you to reinvigorate your existing programmes and we can supply lots of data points to help partners to succeed

» Channel Stimulation

To achieve ongoing sales growth from existing partners, IT Vendors need an effective methodology to continue to develop and motivate those partners. Utilising multiple data sources we can show partners where opportunity exists and support them with Channel Execution services to ensure that they deliver the growth rates desired

At Demuto, we categorise the challenges facing Vendors and Distributors into 4 areas, Stimulation, Enablement, Extension and Channel Creation. Each must be addressed using different methodologies.

Demuto’s approach is to understand your needs and then design the best combination of services, utilising our tried and proven processes and channel-specific particular tools to enable growth or improve efficiency.