Channel Education

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to CHANGE the world ”
( Nelson Mandela )

Training and education is the linchpin for long term success and is vital in driving revenue to the bottom line. Most vendors already have well established sales and technical accreditation programmes but on their own they do not guarantee success. Channel Education is an ongoing process that needs to evolve and adapt as your partnership do. And, because things are always changing, an Education Programme needs to be up to date, ongoing and tailored to the specific needs to each partner.

Demuto utilise a number of different methodologies including one to one coaching, bespoke classroom-based training and broad based channel education through eLearning modules to address the identified challenges and achieve the required change. When delivering Channel Education Programme we define a blend of these components based on your individual partners’ requirements

Engaging solution content
Developing capable individuals
You need both
to be effective
and sustainable
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