The New World

A new view from a channel perspective

The convergence of IT and telecoms, Cloud Computing and changing buying patterns has led to significant change in the IT Channel. Many established businesses are changing the way they operate and are looking to work smarter with many different types of partners

Today’s Channel Challenges:

  • Accurate and current data regarding the market, prospects and key contacts is missing or difficult to acces for many companies. This leads to poor decision making, wasted effort and missed opportunities
  • Many growth initiatives are driven down the supply chain directed only by targets with little knowledge of how things already have, and will, continue to change
  • As they change their corporate strategy, vendors are re-evaluating the capability of their partner community to ensure they can effectively attract, service and retain customers in the new landscape and for their new solutions
  • A handful of very large resellers control large percentages of spend in all sectors, but many vendors still feel that they lack penetration to the SME/SMB sector despite their best efforts to drive change in this space
  • In a tighter economy, many companies recognise the need to partner with different types of organisation to differentiate and demonstrate value, but few have been successful to date
 We need to see it in black and white… all I see is shades of grey ?

“The impact of new technology and changing buying patterns has caused a ripple effect throughout the IT supply chain resulting in many vendors, distributors and resellers having to re-evaluate the best way to do business together.”

When faced with such observable change in the channel, the need to reassess the way you do businesses is inevitable. Some of us spend much of our lives trying to change the world. Or at least the channel world!