Our Approach

Demuto can assist with the evolution of your channel strategy and in enhancing and improving business partner relationships to create consistently strong channel performance. Our strategic consultancy services are complemented by our programme management or execution services to ensure you can deliver even if in-house resourcing is problematic.

We offer customers a pragmatic approach to strategic input. Our emphasis is firmly on the outcomes we can deliver for you. We don’t want to just provide you with some consultancy we want to help you transform your business. This means we will continue to be involved in programmes resulting from our strategy assessments. Our purpose is to provide you with creative and innovative thinking to help you challenge the status quo when you need to, but also to work within existing structures when required

“ Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all ”
—John F. Kennedy

Make Business Personal

Successful partnerships in the IT channel are personal and individual. Reinforcing openness and cultivating involvement from all parties is central to our approach. We help you explore various perspectives so you can build a prosperous future. Our part in this is in providing you with an impartial Consultant who is responsive to your specific needs, speedy in deployment and agile in execution

from the crowd .

Be Creative in our Thinking and Analytical in our Planning

When you are responding to a changing environment you need to need challenge the status quo, think creatively and adopt more inventive solutions. Demuto methodologies are designed to help you do this and are underpinned by a number of Channel Planning Tools. These tools assist us in extracting the facts and extrapolating into the future so that you can make decisions based on actualities rather than supposition

what we design!

Demuto deliver sustainable strategies for Vendors, IT Resellers and Distributors

When the world is changing all around you need a new perspective on your strategy. However a strategy can only be successful once it is executed (a basic premise overlooked by many consultants!). At Demuto we not only help you appraise and revise your strategy we provide you with the means to execute it. This can be through on-going programme management or right through to delivering individual aspects that you are unable to resource in-house

Some eagerly adopt the newest tools & techniques and some change reluctantly but resolutely because they know they have to. Some lie low when change is afoot, hoping if they are silent change will bypass them. Some loudly defy or even mock change without bothering to understand it. Many of us fit at varying times into the first three categories!

Mostly, however when deciding to change, you want to be confident that you are adopting the right changes, based on the right information. You also want to ensure that you built consensus and understanding with all stakeholders.

When you are reassessing how to respond to change and want to have the best possible preparation and partners who can help you facilitate the transformation, speak to Demuto